The Team Behind it All

Jessica Wall

Executive Director- CANB

Jessica has a passion for connecting people together through good food. She is a founding member of Slow Food Youth Canada, organizer of farmers’ market coupon programs across the Atlantic Provinces, and graduate of Community Development, Applied Health Services, and Food Hub Management programs. She has been a local food advocate for many years, speaking out at international events such as COP21 and Terra Madre. She is excited to be home and to work on developing economic activities and increasing the sustainability of agriculture in New Brunswick. In her free time, you can find her running, teaching yoga, and cooking food for friends. 

Her favorite vegetable is kohlrabi!

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Philippe Gervais

Procurement Agent - CANB

Philippe has been farming for the past three years across Canada and Central America on other peoples farm primarily mixed vegetables and livestock operations. He has also been heavily involved in the New-Brunswick food/agricultural network for the past two years and strongly believes grassroots local food systems are the basis for sustainable economic development in the province. Joining the operations of CANB was a natural fit and clear opportunity for him to make New-Brunswick producers/suppliers shine in the light they deserve while at the same time providing for New-Brunswickers the increasing accessibility to eat local and healthy. 

His favorite vegetable is the Potato!

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Gene Cormier

Culinary Development - CANB

Gene’s career as an executive chef led him too opening restaurants in New York, Singapore and the Middle East.  Originally from Dieppe, Gene was excited to return home and blend his global experiences with local products. His focus with CANB is to work with our members and partners and showcase their products to contribute to a tastier NB!

His favourite fruit is blueberries!

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Guilhem Eymard

Guilhem arrived in New Brunswick December of 2017 to join CANB. He worked for 5 years in France in the biggest market of fruits and vegetables then, after that, in Paris with production, logistics and transport of organic fruits and vegetables. For 7 years local fruits and vegetables have been offered in his restaurant! CANB is really his chance to help New Brunswick kids eat local products!

His favorite vegetable is le pâtisson fruits: la mûre!

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Distribution Logistics and Warehouse Agent- CANB